Let's Begin!

Welcome to Trans​formational Healing Therapies by Diana!  

The moment you enter this tranquil oasis in the middle of scenic Lago Vista (NW of Austin, TX), your energies shift into healing mode.  Throughout the office, there are little touches that create subtle changes in how you feel -  from plants, fountains, doTerra essential oils, salt lamps, music, lighting and chocolate.  There's always chocolate!

​Also, from the moment you step into my office, our energetic conversations have begun.  I hear what your body has to say.  Throughout your session, our conversation continues, listening for glitches in your energetic body.  If you're getting a massage, it may feel like a normal, experienced massage, but I’m also working on clearing energetic blocks.  This may come in the form of Chinese meridians, vortexes, chakras or just being in your energetic field and focusing on vibration.  Everyone’s hands emit electromagnetic energy.  Some people take a Reiki class or another energy system, to help them be aware of certain frequencies.  Some work with shamans.  Some just naturally feel it.  I’ve been blessed with all.

My intention is for you to have the deepest, transformational experience that I can provide.  I am constantly learning new techniques.  I encourage feedback, so that I stay within your comfort level.  As an empath, I can usually tell, but love it when the client is comfortable enough to let me know how I can make things better.