Covid has changed my in-person approach to teaching.  I am in the process of creating online classes, that will be Fun, Informative and Very Effective in giving you tools for your own self-care and that of others.   Stay tuned!

Besides the official EM101 & 102 classes sanctioned by Innersource, I offer a wide variety of seminars ranging from 1 hour to 4 hours.  Please contact me if you have ideas for other classes.

Most popular is my one hour intro to Energy Medicine, where you learn about Donna Eden's 5 minute Daily Energy Routine.  These simple exercises get your energies humming and keep you grounded, balanced and joyful.   You not only learn these fun exercises, but understand why they are vital to your daily well-being.  Lots of fun Doing in this class!      ~$10

Guide for Caregivers explores ways to increase the well-being of your loved one or patient.  You will learn specific techniques to calm their mind, nervous system and relieve pain.  You will also learn things to do to take care of yourself to avoid burn-out.  In this 4 hour seminar, you will get a hand out with all of the protocols and will also give and get a mini-treatment with a partner.  You will leave this class feeling on top of the world!    ~$65

Increasing Focus in the Workplace gives you a lot of tools that you can easily use throughout the day while at work to increase your focus, avoid that dreaded mid-afternoon slump and keep your energy high throughout the day without artificial stimulants.  You will receive a handout with the protocols clearly described as reference and will also practice them during the session.  Guaranteed to feel more vibrant by the end of the class.  Two hour class.    ~$40

Energy Medicine for Kids is for all ages.  It will show simple techniques to improve focus, calm the nervous system and release frustration.  Test scores will go up, while behavioral problems go down.  This is excellent especially for those diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia.  This class is FUN, experiential and you are given a handout with all the exercises clearly shown.  90 minutes.    ~$20

The Basics of EFT teaches you how to get started with applying the Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as "Tapping", to clearing yourself of limiting beliefs and empowering your life.  It's easy and effective!   Includes a handout.   90 minutes - $20

Less Stress, More Joy!  In this class, you learn a LOT of fun, easy techniques to manage stress in your life and increase joy.  Needless to say, this class is FUN!     90 minutes - $30