Sound Healing

I have taken a lot of Eileen McCusick's classes on Biofield Tuning.   I sometimes offer to play her sessions during massages, which brings another level of healing.  

Because my clients respond so well to her, I like to share how one can access some of her tunings (many for free!), so that they can continue the benefits.   I encourage people to check out what she has to offer on her website:

In her online store, there are a few recordings that she is offering for free.  I highly suggest the 2 on Covid, which introduce your body to the frequency of the virus and then provides the antidote.  By listening to these, I believe you are strengthening your system to deal with virus, especially with the ever evolving strains.  

"Overcoming Overwhelm" is about an hour long and a fabulous guided session with tuning forks, that takes you through a journey of becoming aware of the healing power of your body.  Plus, she explains scientifically how shifting our energies is possible via recordings.

There is a lot of content on her site and her recordings are reasonably priced.  Her tuning forks are superior to most of what you find online.  If you want quality sound and durability, I highly suggest investing in the ones she offers. 

Eileen McCusick also has a YouTube channel, which I recommend checking out.  She put out a video in January 2022, called "Emergency", in which she uses a 144hz fork to blast through physical issues, followed by some time with a 528hz fork.  It's a powerful session, that is benefitted by many listens.  

Eileen has some classes on the Shift Network that are definitely worth the price of admission, as well as courses that she offers on her website.  

I highly encourage people to check her out.  She approaches sound healing from a scientific approach, understanding the left brain, as well as the more intuitive right brain.  I love her no nonsense approach and amazing insights.  She will definitely shift you into a more coherent form of yourself.

As a side note, my plants flourish when I play her sessions and my animals gather around.  I trust their instincts! 

   Eileen McCusick's website: